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In Cyprus, the first hydrotherapy center for dogs appeared

In Cyprus, the first hydrotherapy center for dogs appeared

August 6 2018 LJ cover – На Кипре появился первый центр гидротерапии для собак
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In Cyprus, opened the first and only kynological hydrotherapeutic center, which treats various diseases of dogs with the help of hydrotherapy.

The center called "Aquapaws Cyprus" is located near the Paphos airport, in the village of Timi. The founders of the center are the couple Gaynor and Chris Warriner. To date, the center already has several dogs that regularly use the services of Aquapaws Cyprus.

В своем интервью The Sunday Mail один из основателей центра — Крис Уорринер рассказал, что гидротерапия помогает больным собакам ускорить процесс восстановления после операций, полезна для собак в возрасте и страдающих артритом. Она применяется при лечении хронических заболеваний опорно-двигательной системы, используется для поддержания мышечного тонуса у собак. Гидротерапию можно применять для поддержания формы своего питомца и просто чтобы он получил удовольствие.

Gaynor and Chris Warriner have been living in Cyprus for more than 10 years. In the past, they have already managed a similar center in the UK for more than seven years. The idea to open the "Aquapaws Cyprus" in Cyprus came to them after they realized that the dogs' access to water is very limited. Although, originally the couple was convinced that the island does not need to open a hydrotherapy center for dogs, because of the presence of the sea. In practice, it turned out that dogs are forbidden to swim in the sea. For this purpose, special places are reserved, but there are very few of them.

"All dogs know how to swim, but some just do not like to do it. Dogs need time to get used to new sensations. In order for them to have such an opportunity, the Aquapaws Cyprus center offers all its new hairy clients a first hydrotherapy session for free, "Chris said.

In Cyprus, the first hydrotherapy center for dogs appeared

He also added that hydrotherapy is not just swimming.

The possibilities of hydrotherapy are in fact truly limitless and can create real miracles of healing:

  • Water provides buoyancy, which helps in the rehabilitation of weak muscles and painful joints. This very buoyancy allows the tailed patient to stand and train, minimizing the weight load on the inflamed joints. So, if the dog is immersed in the water to the middle of the body, its joints experience a load of only 38% of weight, which makes training as comfortable as possible.
  • Immersion in water exerts a constant hydrostatic pressure on the animal's body. This is especially useful for swollen joints, limbs and other tissues. Not only does the hydraulic pressure reduce edema, it stimulates the nerve receptors of the skin. This stimulation reduces the perception of pain in animals, allowing him to exercise with much less discomfort.
  • Viscosity of water provides resistance to movement, strengthening muscles as a fitness training. Together with the buoyancy provided by the water environment, it provides powerful support to unstable joints. So, say, a paralyzed dog will rather go in the water than on the ground, because water holds it and thereby prevents the fall.
  • Training in water has many additional advantages. It improves muscular strength and endurance, positively affects the functional state of the cardiovascular system, increases the amplitude of movements. In this case, most dogs perceive activities on the water (especially swimming) as an excellent fun. Tailed patients who underwent operations on the anterior cruciate ligament, fractures, injuries of tendons, ligaments, and those suffering from neurologic impairment are much quicker restored if the rehabilitation plan includes activities on an aquatic treadmill. Overweight and older dogs or pets with spine diseases and gout sufferers are also ideal candidates for water therapy. Even dogs that do not suffer from any of these diseases benefit a lot from the fitness loads that provide the course of water therapy.

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