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In Cyprus, the house of former President Glafcos Clerides

In Cyprus, the house of former President Glafcos Clerides

August 21 2018 LJ cover – На Кипре снесли дом бывшего президента Глафкоса Клеридиса
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On Saturday, 18 August, the house of ex-President of the Republic of Cyprus Glafcos Clerides was demolished in Larnaca. It was built by his father Ioannis in 1945 year. The land and the house were sold in 2017 to a private clinic by the daughter of ex-head of state Kathy Clerides, as she did not have the means and means to maintain the house in a normal condition.

Being elected to the presidency in 1993, Glafkos Clerides decided not to move to the presidential palace in Nicosia and continue to live in his home in Larnaca. Here he sometimes in an informal atmosphere for two terms of his tenure as president, took the heads of other states, party leaders and cabinet ministers.

The former president of the Republic of Cyprus died 15 November 2013 year at 95-th year of life. Parts of his personal collection, including knives, daggers and bayonets, as well as a large number of rare books, maps and photographs were transferred to the museums of the University of Cyprus and the Kostas and Rita Seferis Charitable Foundation.

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