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Cyprus launches campaign in support of clean sea and coastal line

Cyprus launches campaign in support of clean sea and coastal line

August 1 2018 LJ cover – На Кипре запускают кампанию в поддержку чистоты моря и прибрежной линии
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AKTI Research Center, with the support of the Coca-Cola Foundation (The Coca-Cola Foundation), is launching a campaign in Cyprus aimed at addressing the problem of marine pollution and reducing the emission of garbage at sea.

AKTI is a non-governmental non-profit organization set up in 2000 in Nicosia. The focus of the center is on environmental protection and research.

AKTI is one of the first organizations in Europe to deal with the problem of marine pollution. The Center has developed and maintains a Cyprus marine waste database, is a local partner of the International Organization for Environmental Protection.

In turn, The Coca-Cola Foundation, within the framework of the program AKTI "Responsible Coastal Enterprises" supported the action "Zero Waste Beach", which aims to combat pollution of the marine environment, especially from plastics.

In accordance with the program, dozens of companies working on the coast of Cyprus: cafes, restaurants, kiosks, hotels, supermarkets and beach bars can voluntarily join a kind of community to combat pollution of the marine environment from plastic and other emissions.

The main task of the action is to minimize waste that enters the coastal and marine areas of the island, as well as introduce innovative methods to combat this problem.

Aims of the action:

  • Placement of 50-containers for waste disposal on coastal pedestrian streets in cooperation with local authorities.
  • Уборка пляжа и организация ежегодных кампаний по уборке с участием прибрежных предприятий, школ и добровольцев.
  • Укрепление сети «Ответственных прибрежных предприятий».
  • Detection and registration of wastes generated by coastal enterprises.

Speaking about pollution of the marine environment and marine debris, in particular, the coastal engineer and the chairman of the board of directors of the AKTI Research Center, Ksenia Loizidou, stressed that to date, pollution of the seas is one of the most global problems in the world and the Mediterranean Sea is no exception.

She also noted that "at the beginning of the campaign and through targeted action, we are striving to reduce the pollution of the sea, and then the task is to raise the awareness of specialists, local authorities and the public on this issue."

"Taking into account that Cyprus is mainly based on the tourism industry, clean coastlines are an absolute priority for the country's survival," she concluded.

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