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On the reform of the police in Cyprus allocated the first 300 thousand euros

13 2018 June
Tags:Cyprus, Police, Reforms

Preparation for the reorganization and modernization of the police passes very quickly. Parliament has already approved a budget for the subsequent announcement of tenders. The amount of 313 446,00 thousand euro will be used as an advance payment for signing the first two contracts related to the police reorganization.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Justice, the aim of the reorganization of the police of Cyprus is to make it more functional and more effective. The police can better maintain law and order, preserve peace, prevent and detect crimes, carry out arrest and prosecution of criminals.

In particular, within the above purpose, the police will take the following actions:

  • Development and implementation of a modern model of police and operational activities, which corresponds to the data of the Republic of Cyprus.
  • Development and implementation of a modern management system for learning and development.
  • Development and implementation of a modern human resources management system.

The above actions will be entrusted to special consultants who will be selected through a tender. An appropriate contract will be concluded with each consultant.

All of the above actions are interrelated and should be completed before the end of the General Convention for the provision of technical support to effectively manage the implementation of the entire police reorganization and modernization project.

Elena Savchenko
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