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The start of the construction of the Cyprus observatory is getting closer

The start of the construction of the Cyprus observatory is getting closer

August 9 2018 LJ cover – Старт строительства кипрской обсерватории становится ближе
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It is expected that the construction of the observatory in Troodos will begin in the near future, and all necessary permits will be issued before the end of the year. This is reported by the Cyprus news agency.

The observatory will be built at an altitude of 1 200 m above sea level near the village of Agrida in Troodos. This area was chosen due to low air humidity and a fairly clean sky for most of the year - important criteria for observing the sky. Also, Agrida is located about 45 minutes from Limassol and Nicosia, which makes it easily accessible, and neighboring Agros and Kyperunda offer enough options to accommodate tourists.

Thus, the construction of the observatory Cyprus will solve several problems at once. First, it is consistent with the goal of realizing the potential of Cyprus as a country ideally suited for observing the night sky due to geographical location and climatic conditions. Secondly, this will lead to the popularization of the topic of space exploration. Thirdly, the scientists of Cyprus will have their own site for observation, confirmation and refutation of hypotheses without the need to go to other countries. Fourth, the observatory will be another step towards reviving the mountainous regions of Cyprus, which are suffering from "extinction".

Not only scientists, but also amateur astronomers, children and tourists can become a guest of the observatory.
In addition to two large telescopes (solar and lunar), the observatory will have a viewing room, a cafe and a playground on which amateur astronomers will be able to install their telescopes. The observatory is created within the framework of the Troodos Geopark recognized by UNESCO. The project is personally supported by President Nikos Anastasiadis, as well as the Cyprus Tourism Organization and the Ministry of Education. In the future, a full-fledged research center can be formed around the observatory.

It is expected that the implementation of the project of the observatory will cost 1,6 million euros. Half of the funds will go directly to the construction of the building, half to equipment.

The building of the observatory in form will resemble a spaceship. This design was inspired by sci-fi films about space, including the famous series of Star Wars films.

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