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A night downpour paralyzed Cyprus. In Paphos moved carnival

A night downpour paralyzed Cyprus. In Paphos moved carnival

February 17 2018
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On the night of 16 on 17 February over the entire territory of Cyprus were heavy showers. The element began to rage in the first hour of the night, and by 2 hours paralyzed the traffic in almost all cities of Cyprus.

According to recent eyewitness reports, the most affected by the rain was the road system of Limassol, in particular the area of ​​the castle. Many cars were immobilized and flooded, in part of them remained drivers. The storm system of the city did not cope with the precipitation, which led to a collapse on the roads. The flood has already caused considerable damage to private and public property.

Meteorologists report that a downpour with a thunderstorm over the entire territory of Cyprus will continue, at least until Saturday lunch 17 February. -VC

A large carnival parade in Paphos was moved from Saturday to Sunday. This was announced by the mayor of the city Fedonas Fedonos.

This decision is caused by bad weather conditions: on Saturday in Paphos heavy rain is expected (from 1: 00 to 17: 00 in Cyprus, the "yellow level" of the weather hazard will act).

In addition, on Friday afternoon in the city there was a "red level" of dust pollution, which was replaced by "yellow" by the evening. The carnival parade will pass along Poseidonov Avenue. Its beginning is scheduled for 15: 00. -EVROPAKIPR

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