Today: January 20 2019
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At night in Limassol there was an explosion

At night in Limassol there was an explosion

30 2017 June LJ cover – Ночью в Лимассоле раздался взрыв
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The Cypriot police are considering a version of intentional damage to someone else's property, the agency's website said.

Today in 4: 20 nights, there was an explosion at the entrance to the office of the company located in Limassol.

When examining the scene, it was found that the explosion was caused by the detonation of a high-powered improvised explosive device that was located at the main entrance to the building.

As a result of the explosion, the facade and internal premises of the building suffered significant damage.

According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, the explosion occurred at the entrance to the main office of Prime Property Group. The owner of the company is 33-year-old Russian with a Cypriot passport. None of the company's employees were injured.

An investigation is under way.

Andreas Manokulyus
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