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New bus route from Paphos airport to Polis

New bus route from Paphos airport to Polis

July 28 2018 LJ cover – Новый автобусный маршрут из аэропорта Пафоса в Полис
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Now, six bus trips from Paphos Airport to Polis (Hryosusus) and back will run daily during the entire summer season.

Some of them were launched last week. Mer Polis, Gyotis Papakristofi told a representative of Cyprus Mail that the buses will go before the start of the new school year, the entire summer season. However, he hopes that buses will continue their work next year, in the summer.

According to the representative, the first flight from Polis (Hrykosus) to Paphos Airport leaves from the stop at noon, then the bus runs on schedule at intervals of every 2 hours. On average, the road takes about 60-70 minutes. The last bus, Polis (Hrykosus), departs at 11 hours of the evening. The first bus from Paphos Airport to Polis (Hrysoxus) travels to 10: 45, the following also at an interval of 2 hours, the last one leaves at 00: 30 hours of the night.

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