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New Internet service flights from Cyprus

New Internet service flights from Cyprus

March 7 2018 LJ cover – Новый интернет-сервис авиарейсов с Кипра
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Responding to the constantly growing expectations and requests of travelers, the airport operator of Cyprus Hermes Airports announced the introduction of a new online system. About this Hermes Airports reports in an official press release 7 March.

With the help of the new system, tourists can get an idea of ​​all flights connecting Cypriot airports in Larnaca and Paphos with the rest of the world. A new service is available on the Hermes Airports website in the "Flight Search" section (Flight Search).

Using this service, visitors to the site will be able to find all available routes for any destinations around the world. The system shows both direct and connecting flights, which makes it flexible and convenient. Having chosen the dates of the trip and the desired destination, the user will receive all the existing variants of the flight with the possibility to go to the site of one of the airlines.

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