Today: October 19 2018
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Island of Cyprus is waiting for serious climate change

Island of Cyprus is waiting for serious climate change

11 May 2018
Tags: Cyprus, Climate, Weather, Water, Nature

In the coming years, significant climate changes are forecasted in Cyprus. This will make adjustments not only to comfortable living conditions of the population, but also will greatly affect the agricultural sector of the economy.

In her speech at the conference on winemaking and climate change organized by the Technological University, Commissioner for Environmental Protection Joanna Panagiotou said that according to the climate model, it is expected that the inflow of water in the coming years will decrease by 23%.

It is also worth noting that agriculture at 10% contributed to climate change, and it is precisely on it that the consequences of these changes will be most negatively reflected. "The threat to rural ecosystems is already evident, as soil fertility and water resources are adversely affected," said Panayotu, adding that measures should be taken to improve the environmental performance of production systems.

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