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Beaches Lara and Toxelfraet - only for turtles!

Beaches Lara and Toxelfraet - only for turtles!

July 28 2018 LJ cover – Пляжи Лара и Токсефтра – только для черепах!
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27 July, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment of the Republic of Cyprus issued a decree prohibiting from May to October access to pleasure boats and fishing boats in the waters of the beaches of Lara and Toxelfra. The purpose of the document is to protect the breeding grounds of two species of sea turtles (Loggerhead and Zelenaya).

On the beaches of Lara and Toxelfra it is also forbidden to move on vehicles, to fish and to lower boats into the sea. The ban was also introduced for overnight stays and fires. Tourists are advised to move along the paths in order to inflict as little harm as possible on turtle mushrooms and vegetation.

Sea turtles have long been chosen beaches of the peninsula Akamas, where they lay eggs in warm coastal sand. Seven weeks will pass, and eggs will appear turtles. Their height at birth is only five centimeters, and weight - about 17 grams. Newborn turtles are released from the shell, are selected from the sand and crawl towards the sea, guided by the glimmer of light on the waves.

The males of the turtles born on Akamas will never return here again, and the females, surprisingly remembering the place of their birth, will first appear here in 15-25 years, when they can give offspring.

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