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Almost 100 thousand cigarette butts were collected from the beaches of Larnaca

14 2018 June
Tags:Cyprus, Larnaca, Beach, Cigarettes

The municipality of Larnaca places more eco ashtrays along its beaches this summer.

Between June and September of 2017, a total of 98,490 cigarette butts were collected on ten beaches in the area, the Larnaca Tourism Board said on Wednesday that "it had a positive effect on the quality of sand on our beaches."

The action is held in cooperation with the Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO), the municipality and is aimed at improving the quality of the city's beaches.

The initiative also promotes environmental awareness.

Last year, ten stands with biodegradable plastic cups were placed at strategic points on the busiest beaches of the city, each of which had written instructions, 100 ashtrays and a special garbage can.

Cigarettes are collected at regular intervals, weighed and at the end of the tourist season, their number is fixed for presentation at the annual meeting of the National Blue Flag.

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