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Stolen from a resident of Limassol, the dogs were found in the north of the island

April 19 2018
Tags:Cyprus, Limassol, Dogs, Animals, Police, Abductions, Investigations, Arrest, Hunting

Hunting dogs stolen in Limassol, namely in Colossia, last week, are found. According to the news agency Cyprus News Agency, four Turkish Cypriots are suspected of animal theft. About their fault is also the fact that in the place where hunting dogs from Limassol were found, there were still 14 animals. Now the police conduct an investigation and find out whether they were also kidnapped, reports The Cyprus Mail.

Referring to the police, the CNA states that after coordinated actions by the Episkopi police in cooperation with the communal crime committee, the applicant went north and determined that nine of the dogs are his. They were located in the village of Angolemi in the Nicosia area.

The dogs were returned to their owner on Tuesday afternoon after inspection by the veterinary services.

The police already detained the suspects and questioned them. The investigation into the abduction of animals continues.

Natalia Kudlay
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