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Police of Cyprus want to see on the roads more efficient cameras

Police of Cyprus want to see on the roads more efficient cameras

August 4 2018 LJ cover – Полиция Кипра хочет видеть на дорогах более эффективные камеры
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Police of the Republic of Cyprus appealed to the Ministry of Transport with a proposal to purchase security cameras that will record not only speeding, but also driving without a safety belt and talking on mobile phones without a hands free system. The implementation of this request means another delay in the process of purchasing and installing cameras along the island's roads.

At the end of July, the Minister of Transport and Public Works of the Republic of Cyprus Vasiliki Anastasiadu stated that the test batch of surveillance cameras for violators of traffic rules should appear on the island at the beginning of 2019, and the project will be completed in 2020.

The press service of the Cypriot police confirmed to The Cyprus Mail information that she asked the Ministry of Transport to order cameras that, in addition to speeding, will also record other offenses. According to the Ministry's original plan, the cameras should be purchased, which take pictures of cars of violators only from behind.

We want to be sure that all cars [offenders] are photographed both from the front and from behind, "the police spokesman explained.

The company, which will win the tender, will buy, install and will maintain the tracking cameras. The project cost is 45,4 million euros. The authorities will return this amount to the company in five years, after which the cameras will become state property. According to preliminary estimates of specialists, for the first five years the amount of fines collected through cameras will be 57 million euros.

For 11 months 2006-2007 years, during which cameras for tracking traffic violators (they were eventually turned off and dismantled for technical reasons), the number of accidents decreased by 54%.

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