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Police of Cyprus announced a week of sobriety on the roads of the island

Police of Cyprus announced a week of sobriety on the roads of the island

July 9 2018 LJ cover – Полиция Кипра объявила неделю трезвости на дорогах острова
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From 9 July in Cyprus, the next week's road safety campaign begins.

Within the framework of the action, to prevent and reduce traffic accidents, the employees of the traffic police and district police departments will check the drivers involved in traffic for the presence of alcohol in their blood. For Cyprus, the topic of drinking while driving is very relevant. The reality is that many people here consider it possible to afford to drink (and a lot!), And then sit behind the wheel, discussing the size of the permissible level of alcohol in the blood, a small traffic, insufficient vigilance of the traffic police and general relaxation.

And yet drunk driving is one of the main causes of accidents throughout the world, which leads to the most serious consequences.

Due to alcohol in the blood, the driver is inclined to lose control over his actions. In addition, in most cases there is unjustified self-confidence, the reaction slows down, the attention is dulled and the ability to analyze the situation around the world deteriorates.

Only in the European Union, about 25% of all deaths due to road accidents are related to drunk driving.

The promotion in Cyprus will last until July 11, inclusive.

Let's remind, earlier the action Pancyprian Audit (check on use of seat belts and children's armchairs) was spent. However, some adults still do not want to honor their parents' duties honestly, ignoring simple rules, and do not buckle children with a seat belt.

A recent example is the case that occurred on Sunday, 8 July. The police detained an adult man who was driving a car, kneeling a small child 2,5 years. At the same time, neither the child nor the driver was fastened with seat belts! Later it turned out that the man only has student rights and the road tax is not paid! The offender, of course, was detained. However, he was soon released before the start of the trial, while charging him with writing.

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