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Cyprus police tightened requirements for transporting children

Cyprus police tightened requirements for transporting children

August 13 2018 LJ cover – Полиция Кипра ужесточила требования при перевозке детей
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Police of Cyprus announced new measures of road safety against children. The rules apply to all minors carried in cars, buses or taxis.

Vehicles with a maximum capacity of up to eight people, as well as vehicles carrying cargoes not exceeding 12 tonnes equipped with seat belts for each seat, are suitable for transporting children at least 135 cm in any rear seat. With an increase from 150 cm, a child can sit anywhere in such a vehicle, fastened with a seatbelt. Also, children of this height can be transported in a car that is not equipped with straps.

Taxis can carry a child up to 150 cm at any place provided that a child car seat or an extra pillow is used in the seat, and if the child is facing the airbag. In the absence of a safety system, the child must be in the rear seat, fastened with a belt.

Children are strictly forbidden to sit in front of the bus. If there are safety belts in it, children up to 135 cm should be fastened. Also, parents or guardians can install their car seat on the bus. Children up to 135 cm can be transported exclusively in car seats or sitting on special cushions. At the same time, children under the age of six without being accompanied by a bus are not allowed.

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