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Police of Cyprus will check what the hands of drivers are busy with

Police of Cyprus will check what the hands of drivers are busy with

July 2 2018 LJ cover – Полиция Кипра проверит чем заняты руки водителей
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2-th of July in Cyprus, the next week's action on road safety starts!

This time, the attention of the police in Cyprus is aimed at fighting drivers who use mobile phones and other items while driving cars. And also on violators who ignore traffic rules at traffic lights.

Recall that in Cyprus it is forbidden to talk on the mobile phone during the traffic (for this purpose it is necessary to use the hands-free system), since it is the conversations on the mobile phone at the wheel often cause accidents! A fine can be obtained if the police are caught when you ate sandwiches or painted your lips.

The main goal of the "Free Hands" campaign, which will last until Sunday 8 July - to reduce the number of accidents.

In her morning statement, the police noted that drivers are encouraged to always follow the rules of the road and not to ignore road signs.

This is the fourth action. Previously, the police already hunted motorcyclists, checked the road users for the presence of car seats in cars and the use of seat belts, as well as compliance with the speed limit.

What do you think, how effective are these stocks? What should the Cypriot police do to reduce the number of road accidents and increase the literacy of driving the island's population?

Cat Barry
Cyprus Butterfly
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