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The policeman injured in the shootout returned home after treatment in Israel

The Cypriot policeman who has suffered in firefight has returned home after treatment in Israel

July 7 2018 LJ cover – Пострадавший в перестрелке полицейский вернулся домой после лечения в Израиле
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In the evening on Friday, 6 July, 37-year-old policeman Yorgos Georgiou arrived to Larnaca airport on a flight from Tel Aviv. He returned to Cyprus after two months of treatment in an Israeli clinic. An orderly was injured during a shootout on 5 May in Ipsonas (Limassol). At the airport he was greeted by the police, relatives, friends and colleagues, among whom was 35-year-old partner Khristis Nikolaou, who also fell under the fire of that ill-fated night.

Doctors "created a miracle"

According to the Cyprus News Agency, Jorgos Georgiou thanked all those who supported him: the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiadis, the Minister of Health of Yorgos Pamporidis, the Limassol Police Chief Nikos Nika, and the Chief of the Police of the Republic of Cyprus, Zacharios Chrysostomu, who "is like a father to us." He also expressed gratitude to the doctors who "created the miracle."

Colleagues met Yorgos Georgiou at Larnaca airport with a huge poster with the inscription "Welcome, brother"
Colleagues met Yorgos Georgiou at Larnaca airport with a huge poster with the inscription "Welcome, brother"

We are happy that Yorgos Georgiou is with us, "Nikos Niku, the head of Limassol police, stated. "He will be able to return to his duties as soon as the doctors give permission."

Firefight in Ipsonas

Recall that 5 May Limassol police received a report about a car parked in Ipsonas, which raised suspicion of a policeman who was not in the performance of his duties. He came to the on-duty pharmacy to buy medicines for the child, noticed a car with three unknowns, and, calling his colleagues, recommended checking the car.

The police patrol arrived under fire from a Kalashnikov assault rifle. Yorgos Georgiou was seriously wounded. Khristis Nikolaus, who was slightly injured, opened fire from the service weapon. A car with three men managed to escape. Later the car was found on one of the neighboring streets.

Both wounded policemen were taken to the Central Hospital of Limassol. The next day, it was decided to transport the seriously injured Yorgos Georgiou to one of the Israeli clinics, whose doctors have extensive experience with gunshot wounds.

As a result of a number of police operations, all participants in the shoot-out were detained. During the investigation it was possible to find out that the criminals sitting in the car were preparing an attempt on one of the members of a competing criminal group engaged in the distribution of drugs.

Shooting at the police 38-year-old drug dealer Ilias Muzos was detained 8 May. He pleaded guilty and decided to cooperate with the investigation. Since then, inspections, searches and detentions are almost daily. Hundreds of thousands of euros were confiscated. The criminal world of the island is not happy. It got to the point that on the night of 22 May the police expected an attack on their headquarters in Nicosia.

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