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The fire service of Cyprus coped with a major fire

The fire service of Cyprus coped with a major fire

22 2018 June LJ cover – Пожарная служба Кипра справилась с крупным пожаром
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The huge fire that broke out Thursday night in Tyliria (a region in north-west Cyprus) was taken under control by midnight. Burned about 30 hectares of Paphos Forest. Assistance to the Israeli firefighters who intended to arrive on Friday morning, 22 June, to Cyprus, was not needed. Detained 35-year-old man, whom the authorities consider responsible for the forest fire.

According to Christos Christou, representative of the forestry department of the Republic of Cyprus, two planes participated in the fire extinguishing, as well as two Russian helicopters rented by the Cypriot authorities for the summer season to extinguish fires. 250 employees from various government departments joined in the fight against fire and dozens of volunteers who helped create a streak of alienation between scorched forest areas and territories that had not yet been affected by fire.

With fire fought 50 firefighters calculations of fire, forestry and hunting departments. The fire engine of the Kykkos Monastery rushed to the rescue, where specially trained volunteers from the monastery and nearby villages work during emergencies. According to the Cyprus News Agency, the police detained an 35-year-old man. The investigation considers him the culprit of the fire.

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