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"Dowry of a child" interested 570 Cypriot families

"Dowry of a child" interested 570 Cypriot families

19 2018 June LJ cover – «Приданое ребенка» заинтересовало 570 кипрских семей
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Министерство труда объявило 18 июня, что с декабря прошлого года оно получило 570 заявок на получение «Приданого ребенка». Напомним, схема was announced 8 декабря 2017 года и охватывает период с 1 января 2017 года по 31 декабря 2023 года.

The essence of the "Dowry" program is to provide basic necessities for families in which the baby has appeared. It is noteworthy that at the first stage, assistance will be allocated to unsecured families that meet certain criteria. However, in the future, the ministry intends to expand the program for all Cypriot families.

The scheme includes the basic consumer goods: a stroller and a cot, a comfortable highchair for the baby, bedding, ancillary tools, diapers and hygiene and childcare products with a total cost of 1 649 euros.

The project is aimed at "reducing material deprivation and eliminating the risk of social exclusion of low-income families by providing basic consumer goods free of charge, as well as by taking additional measures related to leadership and networking with relevant government services."

Of the 570 applications submitted to the Ministry of Labor, 347 received approval, meet the requirements of the provision of financial assistance. The beneficiaries of the program are families with one or more children born after 1 January 2017.

The budget of the project "Dowry is 3,6 million euros. Financing is carried out by the government and the EU under the European Fund for Assistance to the most deprived (FEAD) with 2014 for 2020 year.

Заинтересованные лица могут подать заявку на участие в программе в районных отделениях социальных служб или через сайт Министерства труда по адресу

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