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Professions of the future. What kind of specialists will Cyprus need in the next ten years?

Professions of the future. What kind of specialists will Cyprus need in the next ten years?

February 13 2018 LJ cover – Профессии будущего. Какие специалисты будут нужны Кипру в ближайшие десять лет?
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Human Resources Development Service of the Republic of Cyprus опубликовала прогноз на 2018-2027 годы, в котором рассказала, какие профессии в ближайшем будущем будут самыми востребованными. Уже никто не спорит с тем, что понятие «профессия на всю жизнь» кануло в Лету, и теперь учиться и осваивать новые навыки следует постоянно. «Людям придется взять на себя ответственность и развивать способность к самостоятельным активным действиям, чтобы оставаться конкурентоспособным на рынке труда», — говорится в исследовании.

Bet on middle-level professionals

The main trend for the next 10 years is the growing demand for mid-level professionals. What does this mean? Those who graduated from colleges, vocational schools or professional refresher courses, will be able to find work much faster than university graduates. In the next 10 years, Cyprus will need cashiers of supermarkets, sellers, drivers of buses, trucks and special equipment, builders, secretaries and cooks.

The first three spheres of activity

In the first place по дефициту рабочих мест на Кипре — trade. On average, over the next 10 years, 1797 new store employees will be required per year.

On the second line популярности — public catering. Annually in the restaurants, cafes and bars of Cyprus will be created 1588 new jobs.

Closes the triple leaders education (1224).

Among the most popular in the Cyprus labor market are the following fields of activity: health and social protection (1131), construction and production (1084), law and accounting services (934), hotel business (882) and wholesale trade (858).

For two thirds of children, the profession has not yet been invented

The study refers to the data of the World Economic Forum 2020, according to which two thirds of children currently studying in schools will have non-existent professions. Those who are already working will be forced to master almost a third of new skills and abilities from the totality of those that they have now.

In the world will disappear 5 million jobs

According to the report "The future of the professions" prepared by the World Economic Forum 2020, by the year of 2020, as a result of automation, about five million jobs will disappear in the world. Among them, mostly, are the office professions (for example, administrators), which will be replaced by smart machines.

Artificial intelligence comes

The demand for software developers, analysts of computer systems and experts in the field of market research and marketing will grow. Respondents of the Global Agenda Council study, conducted by the World Economic Forum on the future of software and society, believe that artificial intelligence can become a member of the board of directors of companies already by 2026.

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