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Recommendations for choosing hotels in Cyprus from the "Biblio-Globus"

Recommendations for choosing hotels in Cyprus from the "Biblio-Globus"

July 19 2018 LJ cover – Рекомендации по выбору отелей на Кипре от «Библио-Глобус»
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Specialists of the tour operator "Biblio-Globus" made recommendations for travel agents and their tourists who choose to rest in Cyprus this year. With the help of this "short course" the travel agent will be able to select a hotel for a certain category of tourists with greater accuracy, depending on the purposes of their vacation.

We bring to your attention a small master class on Cyprus, compiled on the basis of the recommendations of the specialists of the tour operator: it is designed to help travel agents and tourists better navigate and make the right choice.

Understand in the resorts of Cyprus

Recommendations for choosing hotels in Cyprus

Pathos - here is green, close to the mountains, the landscape is more attractive than in other parts of Cyprus. A resort for a quiet, measured rest, both for couples and families with children.

Ayia Napa - these are magnificent beaches and the unusual color of the sea, which attracts tourists with young children. Young people also come here, fans of constant drive, fun, noisy discos and night bars. Do not worry, these two audiences here do not interfere with each other, the main thing is to choose the right hotel.

Protaras - a nice and comfortable, infrastructurally developed resort town with cozy cafes and bars, singing fountains. There is a wide beach strip, sand is shallow and yellow, which is very suitable for families with young children.

Larnaca - the most affordable and affordable resort in Cyprus, the best choice for those who do not like long transfers, but loves a gentle entrance to the sea, a long beach strip for walking, modern bars on the beach, in which life is boiling from noon.

Limassol - a universal and multi-faceted resort with a diverse hotel fund, where a tourist of any category and budget will find his hotel, his restaurant, his cafe, his bar, his bike path, his shop in shopping centers. The "highlight" of the beaches of the resort of Limassol is the gray sand of volcanic nature.

How to choose the right hotel in Cyprus

As we have already said, the main thing at the resorts of Cyprus is to choose the right hotel for one or another category of holidaymakers. A correct choice of a travel agent guarantees positive impressions of the client from rest and will provide high probability of tourist's return.

Let's note that Cyprus as a direction is easy to sell: the rest at the resorts of the island always corresponds with the client's expectations, and the hotels clearly correspond to the declared direction and level of service.

It is important to take into account that the specialization of the hotel is often influenced by its location.

Hotels for families are usually located in secluded tranquil areas of the island, have green territory, offer tourists a variety of infrastructure designed for this category of tourists, including: children's pools, playgrounds, animation and entertainment for small tourists.

Hotels for youth recreation, as a rule, are always within walking distance of the main attractions and entertainment centers, giving tourists the opportunity to fully immerse in the active day and night life of the island.

Hotels in Cyprus, recommended for a relaxing break together, offer a variety of additional services for an unforgettable romantic getaway, including a SPA.

Recommended hotels for family holidays in Cyprus in the season 2018

1. For many families with children when choosing a hotel in principle important is good and quality children's leisure in mini-clubs at hotels.

Recommendations for choosing hotels in Cyprus

Specialists of the tour operator "Biblio-Globus" offer for such tourists to stay in hotels 4-5 * with the children's club "Biblio":

  • Coral Beach 5 * Paphos
  • Adams Beach 5 * Ayia Napa
  • Melissi Beach 4 * Ayia Napa
  • Atlantica Oasis 4 * Limassol
  • Golden Coast 4 * Protaras

2. If for tourists with children fundamentally presence in the hotel's own water park, the choice here is also there, and quite wide.

Recommendations for choosing hotels in Cyprus

Specialists of "Biblio-Globus" recommend the following qualitative accommodation options for this category of holidaymakers:

  • King Evelthon Beach Hotel & Resort 5 * (Paphos)
  • Leonardo Laura Beach & Splash 4 * (Paphos)
  • Louis Phaeton Beach Club 4 * (Paphos)
  • Aqua Sol Holiday Village Water Park Resort 4 * (Paphos)
  • Electra Holiday Village 4 * (Ayia Napa)
  • Tofinis Hotel 4 * (Ayia Napa)
  • Anastasia Beach Hotel (Protaras)

3. It's no secret that often family tourists who choose Cyprus, limited in budget, but at the same time expect to receive for their money a decent "price-quality" ratio.

Recommendations for choosing hotels in Cyprus

Good and tested "Economy-options" for a family holiday in Cyprus, which will leave only positive impressions, are listed below:

  • Tsokkos Gardens Hotel 4 * (Protaras)
  • Tsokkos Gardens Hotel Apts 4 * (Protaras)
  • Tsokkos Sun Garden Apts 4 * (Protaras)
  • Papantonia Hotel Apartments 4 * (Protaras)
  • Windmills Hotel Apts (Cat. A) 4 * (Protaras)
  • Penelopi Beach Hotel Apts 3 * (Protaras)
  • Paphos Gardens Hotel & Apartments 3 * (Paphos)
  • Kapetanios Odysseia Hotel 3 * (Limassol)

4. P "P" SЏ discerning clients traveling with family, Библио-Глобус рекомендует следующие отели с полным спектром услуг, высоким сервисом и стандартами.

Recommendations for choosing hotels in Cyprus

  • Amathus Beach Hotel Limassol 5 * (Limassol)
  • Elysium 5 * (Paphos)
  • Atlantica Mare Village 5 * (Ayia Napa)

Recommended hotels for youth holidays in Cyprus in the season 2018

1 For youth audience and tourists, for whom it is important presence in the area of ​​the hotel active night life (discos, bars, etc.), the specialists of "Biblio-Globus" recommend staying on one of the following qualitative options:

Recommendations for choosing hotels in Cyprus

  • Grecian Bay 5 * (Ayia Napa)
  • Alion Beach 5 * (Ayia Napa)
  • The Royal Apollonia Hotel 5 * (Limassol)
  • Margadina 4 * (Ayia Napa)
  • Pavlo Napa 4 * (Ayia Napa)
  • Atlantica Sancta Napa 4 * (Ayia Napa)
  • Grecian Sands 4 * (Ayia Napa)

2 For youth recreation and lovers of active nightlife with a limited budget there is a choice of good and proven "Economy-options":

Recommendations for choosing hotels in Cyprus

  • New Famagusta 3 * (Ayia Napa)
  • River Rock Hotel 3 * (Ayia Napa)
  • Nicolas Color Hotel 3 * (Ayia Napa)
  • Anesis Hotel 3 * (Ayia Napa)
  • Tsanotel 3 * (Limassol)
  • Harmony 3 * (Limassol)
  • Dionysos Central Hotel 3 * (Paphos)
  • Kissos3 * (Paphos)

Recommended hotels in Cyprus for a romantic getaway in 2018 season

1. Experts of Biblio-Globus recommend for tourists who are planning in Cyprus romantic holiday together (в том числе, проведение медового месяца, поездку на годовщину знакомства или свадьбы и пр.), следующие отели:

Recommendations for choosing hotels in Cyprus

  • Atlantica Sea Breeze 5 * (Protaras)
  • Thalassa Boutique Hotel & SPA 5 * (Paphos)
  • Londa Luxury Boutique Hotel 5 * (Limassol)
  • Atlantica Bay 4 * (Limassol)
  • Atlantica Golden Beach 4 * (Paphos)
  • St. George Hotel SPA & Golf Beach Resort 4 * (Paphos)

2 For discerning clients planning a trip to Cyprus for a romantic getaway together, the tour operator recommends choosing from the following options:

Recommendations for choosing hotels in Cyprus

  • Four Seasons 5 * (Limassol)
  • Asimina Suites 5 * (Paphos)
  • Sunrise Pearl 5 * (Protaras)

3. For couples who prefer vacation in hotels "only for adults" (16 +), "Biblio-Globus" recommends to consider the following hotels with this concept:

Recommendations for choosing hotels in Cyprus

  • Atlantica Sea Breeze 5 * (Protaras)
  • Thalassa Boutique Hotel & SPA 5 * (Paphos)
  • Atlantica Bay 4 * (Limassol)
  • Atlantica Golden Beach 4 * (Paphos)
  • Leonardo Plaza Cypria Maris Beach Hotel & SPA 5 * (Paphos)
  • Tasia Maris Beach Hotel And SPA 4 * (Ayia Napa)
  • Tasia Maris Sands Beach Hotel 3 * (Ayia Napa)
  • Anonymous Beach Hotel 3 * (Ayia Napa)

Five places that Biblio-Globus advises to visit in Cyprus with an excursion

Recommendations for choosing hotels in Cyprus

If the tourist in Cyprus for the first time, or did not go before on an excursion around the island, we recommend you to visit, depending on your mood and interests, one of the following excursions:

  1. Монастырь Троодос-Киккос в горах Троодос
  2. Kolossi Castle
  3. Старинная кипрская горная деревня
  4. «Место рождения» Афродиты
  5. Поездка на кипрскую винодельню с дегустацией кипрского вина

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