Today: October 19 2018
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Russian frigate made a business trip to Cyprus

Russian frigate made a business trip to Cyprus

5 May 2018
Tags: Cyprus, Limassol, Port, Ships, Navy, Russia, Fleet, Russian in Cyprus

The patrol ship Yaroslav the Wise of the Baltic Fleet made a business call to Cyprus, Roman Martov, head of the information department of the press service of the Western Military District for the Baltic Fleet, told reporters.

"The Baltic Fleet" Yaroslav Mudry ", currently performing tasks as part of a permanent operational connection of Russian Navy ships in the Mediterranean, made a business call to the port of Limassol (Republic of Cyprus)," he said.

As Martov noted, the visit is planned to replenish ship reserves to the required standards. Russian military sailors will also have the opportunity to visit local attractions and relax on the beach.

Martov said that Yaroslav the Wise left the Baltiysk military harbor 15 April and took the course to the Mediterranean Sea as part of a planned rotation of the forces of permanent operational connection of the Russian Navy ships to the Mediterranean.

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