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Russians with children choose Cyprus

Russians with children choose Cyprus

July 10 2018 LJ cover – Россияне с детьми выбирают Кипр
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The appreciation of the euro against the ruble did not prevent Russian tourists with children from choosing Cyprus as a summer holiday destination.

And rightly, they do not save on children. It is better to overpay for a ticket and relax in a good clean place than to worry about the health and comfort of your baby. In 2018, Cyprus was in the first place in the foreign preferences of Russians with children under the age of 2, and this is understandable.

Mostly families with kids go to Protaras, Paralimni, Ayia Napa. There the calm sea and gentle sandy beaches, for children there are entertaining places, parks for walks, etc. And young parents have something to do, because the free area of ​​Famagusta is quite lively in the summer.

But not only these material aspects attract Russians with their kids to Cyprus - everyone knows that the Cypriots simply adore children, and here they have a special relationship. So that parents can be sure that their child will cause only tenderness and joy, and his loud crying will not annoy anyone.

True, it is worth preparing for the fact that goods for children in Cyprus are more expensive than in Russia. Some people solve the problem simply: everything that can be brought with them. And indeed, it is sometimes cheaper to overpay for luggage, than then to run around the shops in search of a suitable baby food or napkins cheaper.

The second place for Russians with children is Turkey - the main tourist "competitor" of Cyprus. According to the "child" parameter, Turkey could not surpass the small island - apparently, many Russians are still frightened by last year's outbreak of Coxsackie. This is a little consoling, although it does not negate the fact that Turkey has become a favorite of Russian tourists this year. This fact is simply explained - a vacation in Turkey is cheap, and the service there is five-plus.

Irina Zholnirova
Cyprus Butterfly
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