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Russian beaten Cypriot sentenced to two years in prison in Cyprus

Russian beaten Cypriot sentenced to two years in prison in Cyprus

July 23 2018 LJ cover – Россиянин избивший киприота приговорён к двум годам лишения свободы в тюрьме Кипра
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The District Court of Larnaka sentenced to two years imprisonment 24-year-old Russian citizen Alexander Ozhegova. 12 April 2017, the Russian tourist attacked Ayia Napa on 49-year-old Greek Cypriot from Nicosia, who kissed his girlfriend. A week later the victim was speechless.

Cypriot was taken to the Central Hospital of Nicosia. Doctors diagnosed aphasia (speech disorder, expressed in the inability to build a meaningful phrase), which was the result of the injury. Now the victim can only say a few words. Forecasts of doctors are unfavorable.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, Alexander Ozhegov fully admitted his guilt and asked for forgiveness from the man he attacked. The defendant's lawyer urged the court to take into account that the defendant "had no intention of causing harm," and his actions were "impulsive."

In making the verdict, the court took into account that the incident was caused by the "provocative behavior" of the resident of Nicosia. Other extenuating factors were "the lack of convictions of a Russian, his age and personal circumstances." While in custody, the guy tried to commit suicide, because of what was temporarily placed in a psychiatric clinic in Atalasse. The two-year period will be counted from April 2017.

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