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Rottweilers bitten two women in Paphos

Rottweilers bitten two women in Paphos

April 23 2018 LJ cover – Ротвейлеры покусали двух жительниц Пафоса
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Last night in Paphos there was a serious incident - two Rottweilers were bitten by a mother and daughter who strolled along the embankment. Women are now in hospital in serious condition.

In the evening on Sunday, 22 April, there was a terrible incident in Paphos. 45-year-old woman, along with her 79-year-old mother, was walking near the lighthouse in Kato Paphos Park. Suddenly, two Rottweilers attacked residents of Cyprus. With numerous ragged wounds, the victims were taken to the Central Hospital of the city, The Cyprus Mail reported.

As the police later found out, dogs attacking women belong to their relative. Rottweilers ran away from their master and attacked an elderly woman, and when the daughter undertook to protect the fallen mother, the animals also attacked her.

40-year-old dog owner was arrested today, 23 April. He is charged with a violation of the rules for keeping dogs, as he was walking animals without a lead and did not try to prevent the attack on women. After the charges were brought, the man was released. The court session is scheduled for 9 May.

Natalia Kudlay
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