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Sappers reported a false alarm at the airport in Larnaca

Sappers reported a false alarm at the airport in Larnaca

17 2018 June LJ cover – Саперы сообщили о ложной тревоге в аэропорту Ларнаки
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On Sunday, 17 June, a "yellow level" of danger was introduced at Larnaca International Airport. The reason is a suspicious object discovered by the cleaner in the liner that arrived in Cyprus from Athens. Now the level is lowered to "green". The airport operates normally.

The plane from Greece landed at the Larnaca airport about three o'clock in the afternoon. According to the Cyprus News Agency, during the cleaning of the cabin, a "suspicious object" was discovered. At the airport, there was immediately raised to "yellow" the level of danger. Called sappers surveyed the find. They came to the conclusion that it was not dangerous.

- The "yellow level" was canceled in 17: 30, "said the head of the airport's press service Adamos Aspris. - [His introduction] did not have a significant impact on the flight program. Now the flights are on schedule.

According to the schedule on the site of Larnaka airport, the liner in which a suspicious object was discovered flew to Athens at 19: 40.

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