Today:19 2018 June
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Today there will be an auction of cars seized by the Bank of Cyprus

5 2018 June
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On Tuesday, 5 June, the Bank of Cyprus will hold an auction of cars that were seized from its customers in exchange for writing off debts on loans. Bidding starts in 15: 00. The place of their holding is the village of Mosfiloti near Larnaka. Some cars have been in an accident and are being sold in the appropriate form. The preview of the cars for sale will be from 10: 00 to 14: 30. The most expensive lot is Mercedes ML280. Its starting price is 7100 euro. The cheapest - ATV for 200 euro and Jaguar X-Type (not on the move) for 300.

 Bank of Cyprus published the cost, description and photos of cars.

Bank опубликовал cost, description and photos of cars.

Address: Λεωφόρο Λεμεσού 12, 7647 Μοσφιλωτή, Λάρνακα (Auction Yard)

Additional information about the auction - by phone. 22-124511

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