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How many illegal immigrants are there in Cyprus?

How many illegal immigrants are there in Cyprus?

August 20 2018 LJ cover – Сколько нелегалов на Кипре?
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According to the immigration police of the Republic of Cyprus, from 2007 to 2018 year 12 764 foreigner was included in the list of illegal immigrants. These are only those who arrived in the country through official airports and ports, and then stayed after the expiration of the residence permits. As to the real state of affairs, according to the police, now in the Republic of Cyprus there are about 20 thousand illegal immigrants.

Как становятся нелегалами?

Citizens of third countries arrive in Cyprus on student visas, visas for domestic workers or tourist visas, which are issued for a limited period. If a foreigner has not left the Republic of Cyprus through official ports and airports, his data is entered in the list of illegal immigrants. Illegal status is often passed by domestic workers and students who find work in Cyprus, but can not draw up documents.

Why are they difficult to control?

Газета Kathimerini приводит пять причин того, почему сложно контролировать поток нелегалов:

  • The presence of the "Green Line", through which hundreds of migrants who do not have the legal right to enter the Republic of Cyprus "infiltrate".
  • Lack of adequate mechanisms to control and verify the immigration status of foreigners in Cyprus (most often illegal immigrants detect during the inspection of documents of drivers and passengers on the routes).
  • The lack of agreements between the Republic of Cyprus and the unrecognized world community of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on the deportation of migrants who have arrived through the Green Line.
  • Lack of places for illegal immigrants in migration centers.
  • Economic reasons (many citizens of third countries believe that in Cyprus you can make good money).

Каковы данные за 2017 год?

On According to иммиграционной полиции Республики Кипр, в 2017 году было выявлено 4118иностранных граждан, которые не имели прав на проживание в стране. Это на 621 больше, чем в 2016-м. 2480 of them applied for political status.

В прошлом году были арестованы 748 иностранцев, оставшихся на острове после истечения срока действия их пинк-слипов. Еще 708 человек, лишившихся легального статуса, прибыли в аэропорты и порты Республики Кипр и заявили о том, что готовы добровольно покинуть остров.

В течение года были арестованы 90 нелегалов, прибывших в Республику Кипр через «Зеленую линию» с оккупированных территорий. Еще 92 нелегала, проникших с оккупированного севера, приехали в аэропорты Пафоса и Ларнаки и на паспортном контроле заявили, что готовы добровольно покинуть страну.

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