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The creation of a new area in Limassol will be completed early next year

The creation of a new area in Limassol will be completed early next year

29 May 2018 LJ cover – Создание новой площади в Лимассоле завершится в начале следующего года
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Road-repair work in the area of ​​the old port began about a year ago. The purpose of the renovation is to connect the Franklin Roosevelt Street and the road along the embankment, as well as the mandatory improvement of the Old Port of Limassol.

In September of this year, the parking opposite the restaurant "Ladas Fish" will be reconstructed into a square that has already received the official name - Syntagma.

The site will become a link between the historical center of the city - the Limassol Castle, the old port and the embankment. The area will be decorated with flowers and trees, where vacationers can sit on benches next to artificial ponds. In the evening, the territory will be illuminated by lanterns.

Работы по благоустройству района займут 6 месяцев (с сентября 2018 года по февраль 2019 года), общий бюджет строительства - € 800 000.

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