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Sports tourism is becoming one of the most important ways of development of Paphos

Sports tourism is becoming one of the most important ways of development of Paphos

July 17 2018 LJ cover – Спортивный туризм становится одним из важнейших путей развития Пафоса
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Paphos has every opportunity to become the capital of sports tourism in Cyprus. According to the chairman of the local association of hoteliers Thanos Mihaelidisa, investment in this area could increase interest in the city, especially during the period from November to April, when Cyprus is the winter season.

Mihaelidis told the Cyprus News Agency that "mild Cyprus winter makes the island particularly attractive, and Paphos can be a choice of runners, swimmers and cyclists." He added that in Paphos there are marathon, bike rides and triathlon, which cause interest at the international level.

Pump Hadjigeorgiou, director of the Council for Promotion and Marketing of Paphos, urged hoteliers and other interested persons to invest in the infrastructure of sports tourism. He also underscored the marked increase in the interest of clubs and individual athletes in winter training in Cyprus. The cost of building and maintaining the necessary infrastructure is "quite high," agreed Hadjigeorgiou. However, he is sure that "such investments are more than useful".

Recently, the council published a new brochure with the most important sporting events in Paphos in 2019, which focuses on triathlon, cycling, marathon and individual sports such as bike rides, running and swimming.

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