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Is the phone always in hand, or how often do Cypriot drivers violate traffic rules?

Is the phone always in hand, or how often do Cypriot drivers violate traffic rules?

August 22 2018 LJ cover – Телефон всегда в руках, или как часто водители Кипра нарушают ПДД?
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It turned out that six out of ten drivers in Cyprus do not release the phone from their hands while driving. The data of the study, conducted by the Institute of Statistics of Cyprus, were published by the local newspaper "Fileletheros" 22 August.

The chairman of the institute Chrysanthos Savvidis said that 59% of drivers in Cyprus admitted that they use a mobile phone while driving. Another 33% said that they never do it, and 8% refused to answer the question. More willing to violate the laws of urban residents - about 75% of respondents. In rural areas, there were less violators - 43%.

Separately Savvidis noted that women are tied to the phone significantly more than men: 65% vs. 53%.

The researchers also found out that 62% of respondents use the phone to send text messages without risking making calls. Call and talk on the phone do not be afraid of 38% of drivers.

Despite the fact that reliable data on the number of accidents caused by the fact that the driver was distracted by a mobile phone does not exist, Savvidis stressed that the use of telephones during traffic is strictly prohibited.

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