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A third of Cypriots - the potential cause of forest fires

A third of Cypriots - the potential cause of forest fires

26 2018 June LJ cover – Треть киприотов – потенциальная причина лесных пожаров
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Press Secretary of the Cyprus Fire Service Andreas Quattis urged the public to observe special precautions in order to avoid fires that increase in hot weather.

The fire service of Cyprus states that careless handling of fire during smoking is one of the most common causes of inflammation.

Cyprus is one of the EU countries with the largest number of smokers.

According to the Eurobarometer, almost a third of the population of the Republic of Cyprus (31,9%) smokes. A third of the island's population is a potential source of fire causes. During smoking, any unintentional careless movement, unsaved match, a fallen piece of smoldering tobacco, or an abandoned cigarette butt can cause fire.

It should be remembered that a smoldering cigarette is capable of igniting combustible material.

On an island where huge areas are occupied by dry grass and shrubs, an extinguished cigarette can be a real Bickford cord.

The maximum temperature of a smoldering cigarette varies within 300-420 ° C, its decay time is 4-8 minutes. The cigarette initially has a temperature of 310-320 ° C, which then drops to 240-260 ° C, the decay time is 26-30 minutes. A cigarette butt thrown on dry grass causes its decay. Heat generated during this with the air flow penetrates deep into the air. After 12-35 minutes, the temperature rises to 410-470 ° C and ignition occurs. Thus, fires caused by an unredeemed cigarette are more common than it may seem at first glance.

Dear residents and guests of the Republic of Cyprus, observe the rules of fire safety!

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