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Three important amendments to the transport legislation of Cyprus

13 2018 June
Tags:Cyprus, Laws, Transport, Youth, Seniors, Taxes, Invalids

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus approved on Wednesday three amendments to the legislation: 1) student driver's license can now be received in 17 years, 2) drivers aged 76 + will be required to undergo annual medical tests to extend the validity of the driver's license, 3) belonging to people with disabilities, you will not have to pay road tax.

Recall that so far the student's driver's license was issued from 17,5 years. According to the authorities, now the boys and girls will have an additional six months to learn how to drive under the guidance of experienced mentors. Student rights will be issued from 17 years, subject to compulsory attendance of driving courses. Full rights can be obtained from 18 years.

As for older drivers, the decision taken is a consequence of the recent cases of accidents in Cyprus, caused by retirees. Since 76 years, they will have to take medical tests to extend the validity of the driver's license. Doctors will be warned about the criminal responsibility for the issuance of certificates without a medical examination and the delivery of tests.

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