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A quarter of Cypriots have less than a thousand euros a month

A quarter of Cypriots have less than a thousand euros a month

August 21 2018
Tags: Cyprus, Economics, Statistics, Salaries

Every fourth person working in Cyprus is a low-paid person. ByinformationPhileleftheros, in 2016 year (this is the most recent data), wages less than 1000 euro per month were 27,5% of the working population of the Republic of Cyprus. Another 26,3% was received from 1000 to 1500 euro.

Minimum wagein the private sector of the Cypriot economy is870 евро. It is received by those who work in their workplace for less than six months. The employer must raise the minimum wage to924 евроAfter the hired laborer has completed six months.Average salaryon Cyprus in the first quarter of 2018 year was 1848 euro.

Those who receive from 1500 to 2000 euro per month, constitute 15,2% of the total number of employees in Cyprus. The category of highly paid - that is, those who receive 5000 euros and more - are only 3,8% of people employed in the Cypriot economy. Officials of the category A16 (the highest in the public sector) earn 7249 euros a month. 

European Statistical Agency Eurostatofferscompare the income of the family with the average income level in the country.

Example. If a family of two people with one child before 14 years receives 3000 euros per month, then only 20% of families in Cyprus will have higher incomes.

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