Today: November 16 2018
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Nicosia Mall will create an underground transport interchange

Nicosia Mall will create an underground transport interchange

25 May 2018 LJ cover – У Nicosia Mall будет создана подземная транспортная развязка
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The management of the new shopping center of the capital Nicosia Mall reported on Thursday, 24 May, that it is ready to spend 2,5 million euros for the construction of access roads. This is a forced step to ensure the safety and convenience of visitors to the shopping center.

In a written statement, the company-builder reports that the development and improvement of road infrastructure is connected with the creation of a road leading to the Nicosia Mall in Antoupolis and the road leaving the complex. Such measures will help to avoid traffic jams, as well as traffic accidents. The entrance to the shopping center will be quite simple, the publication of The Cyprus Mail informs.

In addition, at the roundabout of Antoupolis will be created an exit that provides direct access to the shopping center, which is also very convenient. Works on the construction of underground roads will be held in two stages. According to the deadline, the new road network will open to the public before the official opening of the Nicosia Mall, which is scheduled for the end of this year.

Natalia Kudlay
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