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The streets of Larnaca get a nice appearance

12 2018 June
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The Tourist Board of Larnaka 11 announced that it continues to work on eliminating "visual garbage" in the resort city. It's about dilapidated buildings, countless ads and unnecessary signs. All of the above causes damage to the tourist product of the island and reduces competitiveness, the local council is sure.

"The problem is not only in Larnaca. All areas of the island suffer from the lack of attention of the authorities. Guests of the island are daily bombarded from all sides: off-screen signs, torn canopies, outdated ads and ads, collapsing facades of buildings ... ", explains the Larnaca tourist council in its statement.

On the famous city square of St. Lazarus there is an experimental program of aesthetic modernization, which will gradually expand to the whole city. For a few months the signs of all the establishments were replaced with new ones and made in the same style, and the abandoned building at the church received "camouflage". Thanks to him, the dilapidated building no longer spoils the view of the square, popular not only with tourists, but also with local residents. In the implementation of all plans, the tourist council was helped by local companies.

St. Lazarus Square before and after
St. Lazarus Square before and after

The trend, set by Larnaka, was picked up in the village of Hirokotiya, in the historical center of which now you can find only wooden signs and signs, which gave the traditional flavor. The popularity of the village with tourists immediately increased, told representatives of the tourist council of Larnaca. Small changes can be seen in Zigi: countless signposts of fish restaurants made in different styles and interfering with reading road signs are a thing of the past. Most recently, the local council conducted a campaign to eliminate them and replace them with a single sample.

Wooden signboards of Hirokite | New signposts in Zigi
Wooden signboards of Hirokite | New signposts in Zigi

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