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In Larnaka burned kindergarten

In Larnaka burned kindergarten

August 20 2018 LJ cover – В Ларнаке сгорел детский сад
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Firefighters Larnacs about an hour of the night received news of a strong fire in Phanereni. This kindergarten was completely engulfed in flames.

The fire was reported by one of the tenants of houses, standing near the ill-fated kindergarten. Firefighters responded promptly and profits to the site without delay. A real battle was fought with fire, but, unfortunately, the element won. From the kindergarten there were only ruins covered with soot.

Since the fire occurred at night, there was no one in the building who could suffer. So it remains to be glad that none of the people (especially children) was a victim of a fire.

The preliminary version of the emergency is arson. According to Larnaka police spokesman Charalambos Zahariu, "the applicant has financial disagreements with people from abroad." In June, the wife of the owner of the kindergarten was shelled - EVROPAKIPR.

Studies that began to conduct police in Larnaca, showed: the cause of the fire was arson. There is a high probability that homeless people have climbed into the children's institution to spend the night there. They also built a fire, which later failed to cope and eventually left the building. While this version seems more likely to law enforcement agencies, it has not yet been confirmed.

Irina Solntseva
Cyprus Butterfly
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