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The newest yacht of the Russian billionaire arrived in Limassol

The newest yacht of the Russian billionaire arrived in Limassol

October 21 2017 LJ cover – В Лимассол прибыла новейшая яхта российского миллиардера
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In Limassol arrived 143-meter yacht of Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko. The price of the vessel is more than 400 million euros. Today it is the biggest sailing yacht in the world. Representatives of the shipyard in Kiel noted that the customer had set before them the task of "surpassing everything that has been done so far in the global yacht industry."

The yacht launched on 6 February 2017 in Germany and named simply "A" has eight decks, a tonnage of 12 700 t, a length of 142,8 m and a width of about 25 meters, and three sail masts made of carbon and having a height of more than 100 meters. The area of ​​the largest sail is 1767 square meters. Because of its size, the yacht could not fit in the marina of Limassol.

In the yachts of Andrey Melnichenko it's no wonder to get confused: he has another one with the same name "A", launched in 2005. External appearance of both engaged in the star of world industrial design Philippe Starck. The old yacht Melnichenko has no masts and is not intended to sail. The name "A" for their yachts the businessman chooses, that they always were on the first lines in the maritime register.

45-year-old Andrey Melnichenko controls the blocks of shares of EuroChem (90%), Siberian Coal Energy Company (92,2%) and Siberian Generation Company (92,2%). His fortune is estimated at 13,2 billion. Besides yachts he is fond of collecting Impressionist paintings.

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