Today: 24 September 2018
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In Limassol there is a week of "clean sea"

In Limassol there is a week of "clean sea"

28 2018 June
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On Monday in Limassol, a campaign was launched to clean sea water from the products of "life" of ships. Daily inspections will be conducted at the port.

The municipality of Limassol was tired of fighting the pollution of coastal waters and decided to approach the problem radically. The city authorities announced a one-week campaign, during which the most thorough research will be conducted. Water samples will be taken daily and examined in the laboratory. This will help understand what (and with whom) you need to fight in the first place.

All ships entering the port of Limassol must be taken aboard the inspector. He will assess the performance of all systems responsible for waste and recycling. The crew of the vessel will be acquainted with the prohibitions on water pollution. Also, experts will check all sewage.

At the end of the campaign, all results will be recorded, and on their basis will develop a strategy for further protection of the sea. Now, incoming ships unscrupulously discard waste (most often waste of human life) right into the sea, not wanting to spend money on the right and legal scrap. Every year in the bathing season, the issue of the purity of the sea rises, but the authorities are not yet in a position to fully control all ships entering the port.

Recall that more recently in the sea at Limassol was discovered 5-kilometer train of excrement!

Therefore, a campaign with enhanced checks is a good way to "save" the sea.

If you yourself are faced with violations of the cleanliness of the sea in Limassol, contact the hotline 25 590 884. Your vigilance will help punish violators and make the sea in your favorite city cleaner!

Irina Zholnirova
Cyprus Butterfly
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