Today: October 19 2018
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In Paphos, a set of rescuers

In Paphos, a set of rescuers

13 2018 June
Tags: Cyprus, Rescuers, Paphos

Trainers from the association of rescuers Paphos announce a call to the rescue service, because there is a high need for this specialty.

According to officials, currently there is an 71 lifeguard, manning the beaches of the districts, but still need 123 up to 1 June.

The representative of the association said: "There are not enough specialists in Paphos. They have to undergo special training, and then pass the exam to get a diploma. "

Since the beginning of the 2018 season, from 2 April to 5 April, there were 54 rescue workers in the district, 17 was added to 5 April.

For more information, contact the Paphos Rescue Association Kiniras on Facebook: -Ναυαγοσωστικός 'Ομιλος «Κινυρας» Πάφου

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