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In the waters of Limassol, "uninvited guests" are again seen

In the waters of Limassol, "uninvited guests" are again seen

July 11 2018 LJ cover – В водах Лимассола снова замечены «незваные гости»
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Tourists and residents of Limassol are indignant at the unsanitary state of water in the sea!

Vacationers complain in social networks on human excrement on the beaches. Most people are indignant about the beach Foleys at Dream cafe, near the Four Seasons hotel. One of the eyewitnesses says that this is not a matter of one week. And such on this beach in the order of things, that is not the norm!

"Tired of swimming among the feces!" - the cry of the soul of one of the witnesses of what is happening.

There were also those who claim that they recently saw such things on the popular with Russian tourists and residents of Dasoudi Beach, as well as at Malindi restaurant, The Royal Apollonia ... Thus, the condition of the water is unsatisfactory on almost all beaches in the city.

Local residents are sure that in addition to ships, often dumping human waste in the sea, the situation is aggravated by many hotels. They, in turn, without thinking about the consequences, also get rid of the processed feces, merging them directly into the sea. Accordingly, in consequence, all this "good" takes to the shore, or it is tossed in shallow water.

For the purity of water in Cyprus, the Ministry of Transport, Agriculture, Internal Affairs, Justice, Energy, as well as the Port Authority, are responsible.

However, the specific responsibility lies with VSS-EPE Environmental Protection Services Ltd. It was this company that at the beginning of the year won an open tender for the provision of supervision and pollution control services in the Limassol Bay area from mid-May to mid-September.

VSS-EPE Environmental Protection Services Ltd. there are two ships, special equipment and qualified personnel. And one of the boats is obliged to take pictures of the water every day off the coast, and the second one, if necessary, to remove complex pollution. Two more observers are called upon to help this company: the municipal patrol vessel and the boat of the Department of Fisheries.

However, you can judge how they perform their work in accordance with the above.

In turn, we want to remind you, if you witnessed such lawlessness, immediately contact the staff of the round-the-clock hotline by calling 25884590

Let's make our sea and our island clean by joint efforts !!!

Cat Barry
Cyprus Butterfly
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