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In the zoo of Paphos were born cubs

In the zoo of Paphos were born cubs

July 20 2018 LJ cover – В зоопарке Пафоса родились тигрята
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The Siberian tigers Bonnie and Clyde were born two wonderful tiger cubs! Predators are not the first offspring in the zoo as part of the program of breeding Amur tigers. Earlier, three babies were born: 2 girls and one boy. To ensure safety for newborns, they were taken away from their parents. 24 hours a day they are courted by the Pafos Zoo team.

Ajax already two and a half months. And his younger brother Cody recently turned a month. Babies will be given milk from bottles until they learn to take their own food.

The area of ​​the zoo in the village of Peyia is 100 thousand square meters. Here you will find a huge number of different kinds of animals from all corners of the globe.

Amur tigers are the largest cats in the world. They are listed in the Red Book of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The length of the body of the Amur tiger is about 3 meters. The large male weighs about 300 kg, the female - from 180 to 200 kg. They live mainly in forests in the southeast of Russia, although there are several individuals in China and North Korea. The Amur tiger is under threat of extinction. In the wild, the tiger lives up to 15 years, in captivity lives a little over 20 years. The Amur tiger, unlike the Bengal tiger, rarely attacks a person or enters a settlement.

Deputy director of Pafos Zoo, Julios Christoforou, noted that earlier in the zoo 17 cubs of Amur tigers were born, the majority of which were sent abroad: Russia, the Netherlands, Greece, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

The ultimate goal of the zoo staff is to prepare the tigers for reintegration into the wild, in which they are getting smaller and smaller. This is a long process, involving the maximum isolation of the animal from humans and the gradual training of its independent hunting by a special technique.

To date, about 350 individuals of Amur tigers live in the wild. However, their numbers are constantly decreasing due to poaching, lack of natural environment and food.

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