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Yesterday in Cyprus, there were two emergency situations with Russians

Yesterday in Cyprus, there were two emergency situations with Russians

18 2018 June LJ cover – Вчера на Кипре произошли два ЧП с россиянами
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At once two state of emergency with participation of Russians have occurred in different ends of Cyprus on Sunday, 17 June. Rescuers of the port of Latchi helped a couple on SUP boards, which were carried away by the wind from the coast for more than seven kilometers. In another case rescuers removed two Russian tourists from the rocks in the area of ​​the Sea Caves at Cape Greco.

Akamas Peninsula

On Sunday morning, a couple of Russians permanently residing in Cyprus decided to row on the SUP boards near Yannakis beach on the Akamas peninsula. However, the Russians did not calculate their strength. According to the Cyprus News Agency, because of the strong wind they were blown to the open sea for four miles (about 7,4 km).

The rescue service of the port of Latchi received a call for help around one in the afternoon. The ship of the Coast Guard Αγία Ειρήνη went to the rescue of young people. When the rescuers brought two Russians aboard, a young woman burst into tears over the feelings and emotions she had experienced, SigmaLive reported.

Cape Greco Caves

In 16: 45 it became known that in the area of ​​the Sea Caves at Cape Greco, two Russian tourists were on the rocks at the bottom of the cliff near the sea edge and can not climb up. To help tourists traveled to the rescue of free areas Famagusta. An ambulance arrived at the emergency site. According to the Cyprus Times, tourists were "carefully rescued" from the stone captivity. They feel good.

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