Today: November 16 2018
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The authorities of Cyprus hope for a speedy resolution of the garbage problem

The authorities of Cyprus hope for a speedy resolution of the garbage problem

25 May 2018 LJ cover – Власти Кипра надеются на скорое разрешение мусорной проблемы
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Minister of Agriculture Kostas Cadiz said that Cyprus is significantly behind the recommendations of European directives regarding the amount of garbage ejected. According to established norms, less than 10% of garbage should be kept on landfills. In Cyprus, about 70% of garbage is waiting for processing in landfills.

Cadiz expressed the hope that, as part of a major agreement recently signed with the Helector waste management company, Cyprus will achieve the EU goals. The agreement means a gradual closure of the landfill in Cotciatis (Nicosia), which will allow Cyprus to avoid paying a fine of 60 million euros. The government is ready to pay 36 euro for processing one ton of municipal waste at the plant in Cauchy.

Cadiz recalled that EU member states will have to reuse and recycle 55% of waste by 2025, 60% - to 2030 and 65% - to 2035. For today, Cyprus processes less than 20% of garbage.

By 1 January 2025, EU members are obliged to start sorting of textile products and household hazardous waste, and by the end of December 2023, it is planned to introduce composting of food waste. At the same time 65% of all packages of goods must be processed to 2025 year, 70% - to 2030 year. By 2030, all wastes suitable for disposal should not be taken at landfills.

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