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Drivers of Cypriot buses will start speaking English

Drivers of Cypriot buses will start speaking English

August 15 2018 LJ cover – Водители кипрских автобусов начнут говорить на английском
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In the future, drivers of Cypriot buses will be required to own not only Greek, but also English. This August 15 reported the local newspaper "Filletteros" with reference to the statement of the Ministry of Transport.

It is expected that the application of the new practice will begin with 2020 year, when the ministry will sign new contracts with bus fleets for a period of 10 years. In addition to stricter requirements for drivers, bus fleets are obliged to provide information on routes (in the form of prints, catalogs or brochures) in several international languages. In addition to Greek and English, this list includes Russian, French, Spanish and German.

It is known that the necessary level of English for drivers is designated as "sufficient to communicate with customers", that is, users of public transport. However, it is not yet known how the drivers will be checked for this criterion.

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