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Residents and guests of Cyprus were urged to take care of the nature of the island

February 16 2018
Tags:Cyprus, Nature, Society, Ecology

The Department of Forestry of Cyprus issued a warning about the rules of behavior of holidaymakers in Green Monday, which will be celebrated on the island 19 February.

In particular, the department asks careful attitude to the flora of the island, do not tear and do not break wild flowers and shrubs. Many of them are endemic species, that is, the range of their growth is limited, and strictly protected.

Also, the authorities call for keeping cleanliness in recreation areas and completely cleaning up all garbage. It is also not recommended to leave it in plastic bags before the cleaning up of the territory: wild foxes, dogs and cats can tear packages and scatter the contents.

The Department of Forestry emphasizes that some areas of the island are highly susceptible to pest insects - silkworms feeding on pine needles and living in tree bark. The authorities recommend avoiding contact with the caterpillars of this insect and is not located near damaged trees.

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