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Residents and guests of Cyprus are waiting for nasty weather on the weekend

11 May 2018
Tags:Cyprus, weather, rain

Weather forecasters give very disappointing forecasts for the next few days - rains are expected on the island, and in hills even hail. The dust is not going to retreat at the same time.

If in Cyprus dust has long been a familiar phenomenon, now it has been added rains, thunderstorms and even hail in the mountainous areas. Such weather conditions forecasters predict in the next few days on the island. At the weekend the sea will storm, and throughout the island there will be a strong wind, according to Reporter.

The peak of bad weather is expected at noon on Saturday - then a storm, a strong evening and pouring rain will reach its peak. By the morning of Sunday, the rains should subside a little, but the wind will continue to rage. All this will be accompanied by a reduced temperature to 15 - 18 degrees. Such weather will last until Monday, after which the sun will return to Cyprus.

Natalia Kudlay
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