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The inhabitants of Cyprus do not keep up with the digital technologies

21 May 2018
Tags:Cyprus, Technology, Statistics, Internet, Society

Cyprus took the 21 line in the new annual rating of the EU countries DESI. In the classification of DESI (the index of the use of digital technologies in society), 28 states of the European Union participated.

Despite the fact that the Cyprus estimate is equal to the EU average - 49,3, which is 15 points more than in 2017 year - the island still belongs to the number of laggards. The category of insufficiently "digital" analysts also included Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Croatia and Slovakia.

Despite the active participation of Cypriot users on the Internet, a low level of digital skills is preserved, including in assessing online risks. Only 34% of people use eBanking services, 39% make purchases on the Internet and only 15,6% are concerned about the issue of network security.

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