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Agony Merkel: who became the murderer of the political career of the Angels?

Agony Merkel: who became the murderer of the political career of the Angels?

29 2018 June LJ cover – Агония Меркель: кто стал убийцей политической карьеры Ангелы?
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Which option would Merkel prefer - fast or slow roasting?

For several days all the European media have been closely following the conflict between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer, who openly threatened to quit the Chancellor and give an order to block Germany's borders for migrants if such an order was not issued by Merkel. For Merkel, such a trap is a political death: if she issues such an order, she will put herself outside the policy of the global global financial groups, if she does not publish, the coalition will fall apart and she will lose her post. Whatever Merkel did, she is already a political corpse, just in the first case her agony will last longer, in the second case less.

Globalization is not just cooperation with integration. This is a global project of the New World Order with the World Government, behind which stands the New Age movement, a satanic-occult movement aimed at reformatting all states built on the principle of a nationally homogeneous, and therefore universal for the population basic cultural content, into antagonistic non-integrable and conflicting groups, gathered under the banner of multiculturalism and the loss of national, sexual, sexual, in general, any identity of the individual.

Multiculturalism is the apotheosis of liberalism, which affirms the right to live within a society of groups isolated by culture that will not only never be integrated, but remain deeply hostile to the state of residence and its culture. The idea of ​​uniting on the basis of the faithfulness of the Constitution of one state, many religions and peoples living in this state, is exactly such a subversive idea, designed to destroy the cultural core of the existing national European states.

"New Age" seeks to destroy all the major religions of the world and on this basis create a new synthetic new religion. It will not be Christian, Muslim or Buddhist faith, but just faith. The movement of ecumenism within the framework of Christianity serves precisely this purpose and for its sake was created. Arabs take another way: the Moroccan newspaper Al-Usbuya writes that Queen Elizabeth is a descendant of a prophet in the 43 generation; she is closely associated with him, or rather, with his daughter Fatima through the Earl of Cambridge, who lived in the XIV century.

Even earlier this fact was confirmed by Ali Gomaa, the former great mufti of Egypt, and Burke's Peerage, the British authority on royal genealogy. And thus the British Queen has the right to rule over the world of Islam. The information went through all the world media, including the magazine of the Rothschilds group The Economist, which published an article "The Caliph is the Queen?".

Thus, we see that multiculturalism is the order of the richest families of Britain (above all the Rothschilds) standing behind the British crown and expecting thereby to take revenge from the United States and regain world domination, formed not as an empire in the old form, but as a network of financial centers in the form of several enclaves and existing in an invisible way. It is for this to merge all nations with their religions into a single melting pot and create a new synthetic religion, which in fact is an antireligy, but in fact Satanism, which took the place of traditional religious systems. And this will be based on a new world order and a new world government. These forces are active not only in Britain, but also in the United States, where more than 40 sculptures of Satan have been delivered in places of worship to him.

In fact, it is a war of financial capital with traditional states that prevent capital from regaining its dominance. In this fight, German Chancellor Angela Merkel fell victim: she is a fly in the arachnoid net, and the question of her life does not depend on how long she's been pestering there. It will be eaten anyway (sweets are already thrown), and it is in a desperate situation. After the Second World War, the status of the German chancellor was enshrined in the American Chancellor Act, and this document was compiled by globalist forces. It is they who will ask Merkel how the thieves' meeting is asked from the one to whom the claim was made. Merkel can not get off this path, she can not accept multiculturalism. Thus, she will sign a verdict, but following multiculturalism does not save her from the verdict. Wherever you go, you'll lose your head everywhere.

Thus ends our destiny to the sight of a strong and authoritative European politician. It is clear that Western politicians have no authority of their own and no power of their own. Neither the German Chancellor nor the US President. And if the doctor said - in the morgue, then in the morgue, and no self-treatment. Trump berates Merkel for migrants, but Merkel is terrified, she considers Trump a heretic and a madman who has rebelled against the world's masters. But behind Trump are the mighty forces opposing the globalists, and Merkel does not have such forces. And because she dies (politically) between the hammer and the anvil. Most likely, the coalition will fall apart in a week - if the shadow channels fail to act on the order to Seehofer and the Bavarian CDU-CSU to retreat.

In theory, the Bavarians will not retreat, even if such an order is received. For the Bavarians, multiculturalism is the death of their dominance in Germany. They have nowhere to retreat. So the conflict, as a result of which the head of Chancellor Merkel will fall, is imminent. Although now the heads of the fallen chancellors are not separated from the body, it's still not pleasant from such a civil execution. We will most likely lose political chancellor of Germany. Putin, Orban and Trump could not convince her. Her political death, if there is no miracle, is inevitable. But what kind of people go to the grave ...

Alexander Khaldey
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